In the face of fear they found strength in each other

1For the 100th anniversary of the first world war’s end, we’re showing this excellent, recent film version of RC Sherriff’s classic 1928 stage play, adapted by Simon Reade and directed by Saul Dibb.

Asa Butterfield is the young Second Lieutenant Raleigh, newly arrived at the front in 1918. In all his youthful naivety, he asks to join C company in the trenches, because the commanding officer there is Captain Stanhope (Sam Claflin), who was a few years ahead of Raleigh at school and a family friend.

The reality of the situation is soon brought home to him, at a time when the outcome of the war was still far from certain…

Doors open at 7pm, with the screening starting at 7:30.  Entrance is £6 for visitors.

Tea/Coffee and cake will be available and don’t forget that members can take advantage of unlimited rentals from our DVD/Blu Ray library.

Including this screening, there are 7 films left in this season- membership is still available at £25 for the year; that’s less than £4 per film.  If you know someone who is interested, why not bring them and show them what they are missing.

Wadham School have recently installed new fences and gates around the perimeter of the complex, but parking and entrance is unchanged for our screening – see below:

181014 School map

Please follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page & events – it all helps to publicise our screenings and we really do appreciate it:

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Falling between the cracks in society…


We’re only a few days away from our second screening of the season, and for this one we’re taking you to the Middle East for the story of three very different, young Palestinian women sharing a flat in Tel Aviv.

The three women suffer from belonging neither to traditional Arab society nor to secular Westernised society; they live in the space “in between” these two, often placing them at odds with their families and the cultures surrounding them.


There’s still time for friends and family to take advantage of this year’s membership offer – this season’s 8 remaining films for £25, that’s the price of a cup of coffee per film.  Membership forms can be found on our website, or at the Crewkerne Local Information Centre in the Town Hall – or better still, come along to Friday’s screening.


Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter; we really appreciate those of you who do and help to share our events with the community.

Find us at:

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The 18/19 season starts here

The football season’s started, the rugby starts this weekend but most importantly FilmCrew’s 2018/19 season kicks off in a week’s time… Friday 7th September,

First up… ‘ Three Billboards outside Ebbing. Missouri (15)


We’re opening with a an Oscar winner; from writer/director Martin McDonagh, starring Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson.  McDormand is on award winnning form as a mother who personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter’s murder when they fail to catch the culprit.

Click here to view a trailer.

Doors open from 7pm, with the film starting at 7:30.  As ever there will be tea, coffee and cake available; members will be able to pick up this year’s brochure and programme from the front desk.


Not a member? There’s still time to sign up

If you haven’t rejoined yet, don’t worry, we forgive you, its a busy summer; there is still time…

Membership is £25 for 9 films and can be purchased at the first screening.

3     You can view our schedule for this season here.

Guests can continue to attend for £6 per screening.


Fancy helping at a screening?

If you’d be interested in helping us at any of this season’s screenings, please get in touch. We can only continue to provide refreshments if we have volunteers who can help serve, wash up and show us their baking skills.

Thanks to those of you who have already put your name forward.

We look forward to seeing you all next week.



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Roll up Roll up – 10 days left to take advantage of our special offer


Members who re-join FilmCrew by 30 June will get their membership for 2018/19 at the reduced rate of £22 for 9 films.

After 30 June, the price for renewing your membership will be the same as for new members – £25 for 9 films.

Renewal forms can be downloaded from the “Membership” page of our website or can be picked up from the Town Hall in Crewkerne. The completed form and the payment may be:

  • handed in to the Community Office, Crewkerne Town Hall by June 30 or
  • posted (no cash please) by June 30 to:

FilmCrew Membership, 11 Tiptoft, Stoke Sub Hamdon, TA14 6PD



Schedule for 2018/19 season

Monthly shows will again take place once a month from September to May on Friday evenings at Wadham School.

We have now agreed the schedule for next seasons screenings:

Date Film
7 Sep Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri
12 Oct In Between
9 Nov Journey’s End
7 Dec Isle of Dogs
11 Jan The Big Sick
8 Feb Detroit
8 Mar Hotel Salvation
5 Apr On Chesil Beach
24 May Members’ Choice

Further details on each film can be found on the “Programme” page on our website:

We have had to make a change to our schedule, replacing ‘Sami Blod’ with ‘In Between’ due to issues with obtaining the rights for the film.

We look forward to seeing you all in September; have a lovely summer.


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Members’ Choice , New Season Offer and AGM

The members have chosen My Cousin Rachel as the final film of the season for this Friday (25th May).  The film stars Rachel Weisz  and is based on the Daphne du Maurier novel. Doors open at 7pm – show starts at 7.30pm. There will also be a quiz based on the past season’s films with an underwhelming prize.

We will also be offering members the perk of rejoining FilmCrew at a reduced rate on Friday. The details are shown below:



Monthly shows will again take place once a month from September to May on Friday evenings at Wadham School .   Dates will be confirmed later but the programme of films is:

Three Billboards … Ebbing – Best Film award at Oscars – comedic drama about anger  and justice
Sami Blod – Swedish coming of age drama set in 1930s Lapland
Journey’s End – Powerful account of comradeship in the WW1 trenches exactly 100 years ago
Isle of Dogs – Animated dystopian comedy directed by our old favourite Wes Anderson
The Big Sick – Warm and witty autobiographical tale of cross-cultural love
Detroit – Fierce docu-drama about a very dark time in US race relations
Hotel Salvation – Touching Indian comedy/drama about an old man’s final journey
On Chesil Beach – Beautifully and locally shot drama based on Ian McEwan’s novella
Members’ Choice – chosen from a shortlist in April


Application forms will be available this Friday and at the Town Hall throughout the remainder of May and June. The completed form and the payment may be:

  • handed in at Friday’s show – correct cash please (to reduce the time spent re-joining) or cheque (made payable to FilmCrew)                                                                                                                 or
  • handed in to the Community Office, Crewkerne Town Hall by June 30                                                                         or
  • posted (no cash please) by June 30 to:                                                             FilmCrew Membership, 11 Tiptoft, Stoke Sub Hamdon, TA14 6PD


Finally we will be holding our brief paperless Annual General Meeting after the show. All present will be entitled to a free glass of wine. Please support the organisation by giving the committee your views on the past season.

 FilmCrew is exempt from the new GDPR – for further details see our website.


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Members’ Choice Result

The votes at last night’s show were as follows:

Victoria and Abdul       27

My Cousin Rachel         31

The Big Sick                   19

So, our final film of the season on May 25th will be My Cousin Rachel.

Can we also take this opportunity to say that current members will be able to re-join before the show on May 25 at the Loyalty Discount Rate of £22.                                          Other arrangements will be made for members who cannot attend that evening.          Non-members will be able to join for £25.                                                                      Please bring the correct change, or else a cheque made payable to FilmCrew.

Please give some thought to volunteering to help with the cake provision 2-3 times per season. If there are no more volunteers then sadly there will be no cake!

Thank you.

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Hidden Figures and Members’ Choice

This Friday 13th is lucky for FilmCrew members!

Not only do they get to see Hidden Figures but they can also cast their vote on next month’s film.

Hidden Figures tells the true story of three black American women who overcame all sorts of challenges and prejudice to become instrumental in NASA’s attempt to launch man into space – and to bring him back safely. A heart-warming tale of determination.

The members’ choice vote on Friday will be between:

Victoria and Abdul

Judi Dench stars in Stephen Frears’ well-received drama based on the real-life relationship between Queen Victoria and her Indian man-servant

My Cousin Rachel
Based on the Daphne du Maurier novel and filmed in England and Italy, this mysterious dark romance weaves a story of intrigue, revenge and desire.

The Big Sick

This witty romcom shows a charming young couple from different racial backgrounds struggling with relationship issues and a life-threatening illness.


If you cannot attend on Friday and would like to vote online, please reply to this message with the film title you have chosen and your name.

See you on Friday. Doors open 7pm – film starts 7.30pm.


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